Saturday, August 7, 2021

What does your heart need?

 Dear friends, 

A blog post without craftiness is rare for me but I am opening a window for you today. There have been some tough times for many and our family finds itself reeling at the moment so I'm going to share and ask for prayer. If you want to wait for my next card post, feel free to skip this as I may go long! 

In the past 18 months, so many of us have had times tougher than we have ever imagined. Everyone finds their own ways to cope but for me it has been BEAUTY that keeps me going. Beauty in God and His promises, beauty in relationships, beauty in nature, and beauty made with paper and stamps. 

I've mentioned how I love the solitude of watching nature from my back porch. I find myself there every morning. This morning I was seeking comfort for the happenings of the last three weeks. My daughter and dear son in love got very bad cases of Covid while on their vacation. Julie is recovering but Richard was hospitalized two weeks ago. He has now been moved to a bigger hospital and is on a respirator, with no change. A week ago my dear mother in law passed away with little warning. She was fully lucid and one of her last words spoken to us was to ask about our loved ones.

So you get the idea, and I hope you will pray for a miracle for Richard's healing in this life. 

What prompted me to write today? Although this is a card making blog I wanted to be authentic and real with you. The crafting community is the best and I have received such support from you! Prayers are our hope.

Reason number 2.  This. 

I read a devotional this morning that discussed beauty and asked the question, "What does your heart need today?"  I looked up from prayer and saw a red fox in my yard, not even 10 yards away. I could see his eyes. It was amazing as I watched him look directly at me and approach me, then trot around our fenced yard for several minutes. We've seen him before but never up this close.  It was such a comforting reminder to me that the God who created the universe is my Friend.

This is what my heart needed this morning. Thanks for letting me share. My story, and my creations with you that are the main feature here. Several cards are in the hopper to post because you know - stamping is my therapy! I will be back. In the meantime...

 Be yourself

          Have delight in your craft 

               Make something beautiful!