Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A message to my readers

Hello friends, 
I am just here to share a few thoughts with you today. Hope you don't mind if a card is missing in this post. 

Truth is, there's something I've been having difficulty with, and I'm sharing it in hopes that you will understand and maybe even know how to help me figure it out. 

A couple years ago, I thought I would stop blogging. I've been at this since 2007, after all. And I did "end" my blog at typepad with a fond farewell. 

I found that I just missed being part of the sharing and caring community of stampers.  A couple of months later I reopened my blog again and I've really loved sharing with you all here. 

Here's my problem: for some reason, I find myself UNABLE to leave comments at most of your blogs.

I don't know why this has happened but I've tried fixes that recommend clearing the cookies, clearing the cache, checking filters, reading of similar problems on the google forums etc. None of these have helped. For so many of you that leave comments on my blog, when I write a comment on yours it either disappears when I submit it, or I try to click on the photos to verify that I am not a robot and they just keep going on and on and on. 

I would really like to know if anyone has a good suggestion for how to fix this?  You can email me at (use the @ sign) if you have an idea to share. 

Sharing is what I love the most about blogging, and for so many of you, especially fellow fans of PTI, I am not able to reciprocate by leaving a comment on your blogs. 

Hope you understand and know that I am working on it! I really hope I can get this resolved. 

I've always been much more crazy about stamping and much less fond of techie stuff, lol! Hanging in there and wishing you a good day~